• We help to revive
    the spirit of opportunity.
    Humanly, effectively, beneficially.

    Tbilisi - city that lives.
    The capital and the largest city of Georgia is known for its diversity, modern and traditional culture and architecture. You will be intrigued by the exceptional colorfulness of the city that merges with the beauties of nature at the banks of Kura River.

  • We create conditions for living and we are aware of the responsibility that goes with it.

    Current changes in and modernization of transportation, museums and galleries, decorated streets, bars and clubs in the square. All this gives the city a feel of opportunity and development. Together we aim to seize these opportunities and to use them rightly and responsibly.

  • We admire the nature.
    This respect is reflected
    in our projects.

    The beauties of nature are an inherent part of Georgia. Beautiful panoramas of Caucasian mountains attract growing numbers of spectators of this show and open up opportunities for tourism development.

  • We create conditions for living and we are aware of the responsibility that goes with it.

    Thanks to successfully completed projects we gained experience from the construction and real estate markets in Georgia and Peru and we established cooperation with local companies. Thank you for this opportunity.

Main activities

We prepare projects, organize the buying of building plots, organize tenders for building contractors, our own employees perform the construction and technical supervision, we arrange real estate sales, offer tax consultancy and we operate service organizations that ensure the operation and maintenance of buildings. .

What will the investor get?

The investment system was designed so as to ensure that the investor has a control over his invested funds throughout the entire construction process and can control and manage the project in every phase.

The Company

Since 2013, we have been operating on the market in Georgia. We started by building smaller premises which helped us to gain knowledge necessary for operating in local environments, and gradually we are moving on to constructions that require greater investment and that have specific utility value.