About our company

The Georgian company L & R Company, established in 2013 by Czech and Slovak entrepreneurs, pursues its activities in the area of capital construction on the market in Georgia. The company started its activities by building smaller premises, thanks to which it has gained knowledge necessary for operating in local environments, and gradually it is moving on to constructions that require greater investment and that have specific utility value.

During its period of operation, it has established cooperation with banking institutions providing mortgages, construction companies with verified high quality standards, marketing experts who are effectively helping with new projects and with traders with experience in selling investment buildings. The L & R Company consults its construction plans with government and city representatives as well as with representatives of various Departments for Development, so that the projects are in line with higher regional interests and they can apply for state support.

The L & R Company cooperates with Czech and Slovak companies, architects, manufacturers of equipment and technologies and with construction experts.


Company address


L&R Company Ltd
Beliashvili str 142
0159 Tbilisi